I’ve been alerted to two more newly widowed young mamas. I’ve met more ladies struggling in their marriages, or what’s left of them. I see my kids growing before my eyes into little adults with their own fears, aspirations, and questions for me that do not have answers this side of heaven.

It’s enough to make me want to crawl back under the covers again and wait for Jesus’ return. In safety. In comfort. (Of course, I’m not safe there either…but my imagination is powerful.)

However, a new day beckons…

God says to me there is a whole lot of good to be done this week, do you want to be a part of it?

Oh I do. With all my soul I want to help encourage, motivate, and become who God sees me as. But my flesh resists.

My flesh resists hardcore.

My knee (via a cantankerous IT Band) has been hurting to the point I had to stop running. “Rest it and strengthen your glutes.” Sure, I’ll get right on that.

Why is it all or nothing with me? Resting my knee in my head translated to “Quit moving completely. Sleep in. Eat crap.”

So that’s what has been happening…and guess what? My knee isn’t hurting, but every other part of me is!

This is where I have to swallow my own medicine. I need to dig deep and get back on track.

I need to get moving in the right direction again and I’ve learned isolating myself isn’t helpful.

Blessedly God has provided ways to stretch me out of my comfort zone. He knows I want to hide so instead He arranged for me to go eat dinner with friends and strangers tomorrow night. My friend has started a monthly dinner for ladies that meets at our church. Anyone is welcome. We will eat and talk about how God seems to be (or not) moving in our lives. Would you consider coming? It’s so nice to know we aren’t alone in our hurts, struggles and joys.

IF:Table Tuesday May 12th 6:30pm Fayetteville, AR
Childcare is provided
For the address and further details RSVP to bonnie.king@finishingtherace.org