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Growing Pains

It looks like it’s snowing outside my window right now.

The colors are every shade of green you can imagine and then some. But as the sun breaks through the clouds just for a few moments, I notice golden flakes pouring, floating deliberately from the trees.

It’s bizarre and beautiful.

This would have most people running for their Claritin or EOs, depending on which way they lean ; )

But not me. Not yet, I’m fascinated. And I wouldn’t have even noticed this spectacle if I had been preoccupied with knocking items off my agenda for today.

I’m in a season where there seems to be to much to do and not enough time to do it in. Can you relate?

So what is the Truth? What can be done? I was reminded today when I feel I need to strive hard and bear a yoke too heavy that it isn’t from God.

This has me reaching back to last year and what I learned about rest.




Breathe in.

And out.






It all happens amidst a thousand strewn legos ready to find a bare foot, laundry that just. won’t. quit., a baby needing me more and other babies needing me less (which actually means more, tweens are complicated!,) and “what’s for dinner?” already ticking in the back of my brain…and yet…


I investigate the spring snow, yes it’s pollen, but technically I’m seeing the male flowers falling now that their job is done. The female flowers left on the trees will fruit as acorns this fall.

Just landing where it lands,

content it’s purpose is worked out,

beautiful in the process,

in the messy middle,

being appreciated by someone sitting at her computer wanting desperately for the world to experience the crazy freedom she has found being known by God.

I fumble through these growing pains I’m experiencing. I am trusting that the fruit will come in the next season.

As I embrace, and release, one moment at a time,

nothing more, nothing less.



  1. That glorious already/not-yet pairing! Love the imagery of that middle place… Haven’t ever seen the pollen snow before! Thank you for this. Good to meet you through Suzie Eller’s #livefreethursday link up.

  2. I can completely relate! It’s exactly like you said–too much to do & not enough time (and my laundry just won’t quit either). Nice read! šŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Jennifer–goodness it’s always too much! Some days and weeks I let God handle the muchness better šŸ˜‰ I’m glad I’m not alone! Hope you are well!

  3. Just reading these beautiful words makes me breathe a little deeper and feel stillness in my soul. Thank you for this. Appreciating and noticing the beauty around me today even in the midst of the messy. Praying for you now- that these growing pains will indeed produce a beautiful fruit in the season just around the bend.

    • Jenny, I’ve been thinking of you as the rain pours today. Your blueberries will be planted in God’s timing, not ours and it will be a beautiful harvest, Amen? Thank you for your obedience to His prompting and how it encourages me so much.

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