Author: Noëlle Ciganek

Rejected. Forgotten. Unaccepted. Not liked. Whether perceived or real, these feelings don’t feel very good! For years I struggled with, and still do occasionally, believing Satan’s lie that nobody likes me and nobody wants to be my friend. Then Facebook came along, only to magnify my issue! I judge myself unfairly and unrealistically with other peoples’ posts on Facebook. I want to be “liked”! That is my problem. I want to feel accepted and, simply, liked! The enemy loves to tell me lies…that I can’t be liked because of a myriad of reasons. And I believe I’m not the only who has felt this way. Too many times I have believed lies instead of the Truth.

So, what does the Truth tell me? As I was whining to God a couple of years ago over my desire to be liked, He brought to mind Philippians 4:19, a familiar verse, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.” There was my answer…I have a need – to be liked- and Jesus has the answer – Himself! Most of us go to this verse with the comfort that our physical needs will be met, but God showed me that this verse promises that God in Christ Jesus will meet far more than just our physical needs. He will meet every need we may have – social, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The reality is that He already “likes” me. In fact, the need to be liked, and every single need/desire we have, is innate, and fully intended to be satisfied by Jesus alone! And more than being liked, His love for me is unfailing and never-ending! He’s my Creator! He made me “fearfully and wonderfully” (Psalm 139:14). All I have to do is believe His Truth, and reject Satan’s lies. His will for me is to let Him satisfy and provide for my every need!

I’ve also learned that these feelings are often merely perceived and have no actual basis. They are strictly a means used by the enemy to “steal my joy” when it’s God’s plan to give me “life and life to the fullest!” (John 10:10)

It’s never His desire for me to be not liked, or even feel that way. When feelings of being rejected, forgotten, or wanting to be “liked” begin to creep in, I now know how to combat such lies by running to Him, believing the Truth that He likes me, and allowing Him to be enough!