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Taking the Step

Opening our fridge I spot the flock of rotisserie chickens congregating there. It is a sure sign of what kind of week it’s been for me.

No matter how hard I try to plan out our week a wrench gets thrown in and I just can’t seem to roll with the punches well enough.

What does “well enough” look like for me? I’m not sure actually. I guess it means I can stay positive, cook 6 meals a week, and radiate joy no matter the circumstances.

That makes me laugh seeing it written out because who in the world can do that anyway?? Well, I have a few friends that seem to be able to do it. I think seem is the important word there though. I have been trying hard to take to heart words written by my friends on this blog and run my own race without comparing it to others and accepting grace that some days won’t measure up, but good grief it’s easier said than done.

Ethan came down with a stomach bug which means there wasn’t rest or clean clothes for several days. Today I can start trying to reclaim my schedule and the chores, but all I want to do is nap and eat handfuls of Ghirardelli chocolate.

I try each month to get a pic of E in his tie sticker showing his age in months, this pic is representative of how the photo shoot went and how I felt :)

I try each month to get a pic of E in his tie sticker showing his age in months. This pic is representative of how the photo shoot went and how I felt!

I prayed hard that God would give me the energy to put Ethan in his own bed instead of napping along with him so I could type this stream of consciousness out before he woke up. I felt God speak into my spirit that I just have to take the next step. He’s really trying to reinforce the whole “lamp unto my feet, not a floodlight” analogy He keeps bringing back to me.

I hear Him…“What needs to happen right now? What is your “best yes” for this moment? Then take the step. That’s it. Don’t think too far ahead on days like this when you’re prone to see negative. Remember what I ask of you is not what you or the world asks. Know the difference.”

Know the difference.

He knows my brokenness over my friends’ crumbling marriages, the grief of new widows I’ve met, the friends who have lost children which is a pain like none other, the tedious but necessary chores of everyday life, He knows. What I need to know is the difference between what is His job and mine.

How do I determine my next step? Pray without ceasing.  

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Today, right now, He’s asking me to type out this mess of a post and let it be what it is. Just be willing to take the step. Whatever your step looks like in this moment.

I’m praising Him for providing when I need someone to hold my hand for that next step and I’m also praising Him for knowing when it’s best I do it with Him alone. He knows what’s best. I sure don’t.

My next step is to hit publish.

And now I think I have the energy to clean out my coop fridge.

“Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105

You are reading this on our first day of the “IF” conference. God and I have had some good heart to hearts over the last couple of weeks so I am anticipating what He has in store for us all. 180+ ladies gathering in one place in NWA, stepping out on faith, allowing their schedules to relax in order to worship and pursue Him together for this short leg of our race will be something to behold. I can’t wait to share with you what I learn here on the blog next week. I would appreciate prayers that God will reveal how our blog here at Finishing the Race can join forces with the non-profits in our area to tell their stories and ultimately help connect people to where they are needed in our community.

If you are unable to join a gathering in your area you can watch the Livestream in your own home by clicking here for instructions!


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  1. Thanks for this. Needed it today.

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